Initial Coin Offering

What is an ICO?

Aren’t you familiar with ICO?

Alright, let’s take a look, What is an ICO?

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a cryptocurrency that is similar to an initial public offering (IPO), but this refers to buying coins in the modern cryptocurrency rather than buying shares in a business. ICOs are different forms of cryptocurrency used by enterprises to raise funds. The ICO can be seen as an initial public offering (IPO) that uses cryptocurrencies. Still, it is not the most accurate comparison, as there are some essential variations among the two fundraising activities. 

Types of ICO

An ICO has two types, as shown below,

  • Private ICO
  • Public ICO

Private ICO

In a private ICO, particularly a limited quantity of users can join in the process. Usually, only authorized investors can participate in private ICOs, and a company can decide to set a minimum investment amount.

Public ICO

Public initial currency offerings are public funds aimed at the common public. The public offering is a democratized investment because almost anyone can become an investor. Still, due to regulatory concerns, private ICOs are becoming a more feasible alternative related to public offerings.

Is ICO so effective?


Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is a successful fundraising system used essentially by Startups seeking to provide products and services that are generally associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain space. ICOs are similar to stocks, but they are sometimes used as software services or products. Mostly Startups utilize the ICO option to raise funds than developed enterprises.

When you make an initial currency offering, you buy coins or blockchain tokens. These are extraordinary assets that give the coin owner some rights. Like an IPO, tokens are first issued to the public in an ICO. The purpose of this publication is to raise funds for cryptocurrency. Once you have bought coins or tokens during this first sale, you can trade them in Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

How does an ICO work?

An ICO is an advanced method that demands in-depth expertise in technology, investment, and law.The significant plan of ​​ICOs is to upgrade the decentralized systems of Blockchain Technology in funds raising activities that align the interests of numerous stakeholders.

Shall we look ahead to the steps of ICO?


Well, it involves just four steps!!

Let’s move onto the steps now,

Identification of financing objectives

Every ICO company starts with the aim of raising funds. The organization recognizes the intentions for its fundraising campaign and creates appropriate products about the firm or project for potential users.

Generating Tokens

The following step is generating tokens. The tokens are a form of asset or benefit in the blockchain. You need get confused, tokens are just the modification of existing cryptocurrencies.

The creation of tokens is quite simple for the organization because they need not write any code to generate tokens. They just do the simple modifications in the existing cryptocurrency for the creation of tokens.

Campaign Progression

An organization advertises the campaign to captivate the investors. We should keep one thing in mind, that online campaigns are usually implemented to reach a wider audience. Despite this, at present, many huge online sites such as Facebook and Google ban the promotion of ICOs.

First Token Offering

Once tokens are created, they are given to the investors. The offering can be structured in several rounds. The organization can use the ICO to start a new product or service, while the users can expect to utilize the  received tokens to avail themselves from this product or service, or else investors can wait for the recognition of the value of the token

How do ICOs differ from IPOs?

  • The common notable variation among IPOs and ICOs is that ICOs regularly happen ere projects have any effective product, while IPOs normally occur only after organizations have attained a particular ability.
  • One more significant variation includes learning what shares of a business and sections of cryptocurrencies are. While IPOs, the firm sells shares that express ownership of the enterprise.

Benefits of Initial Coin Offering

  • Absence of middleman
  • Anyone can purchase tokens
  • Tokens can be sold worldwide
  • Instant purchase
  • Fewer restrictions to entry

Drawbacks of Initial Coin Offering

  • Simple to hack for hackers
  • Chances of huge number of scams

By concluding, Initial Coin Offering is a modern sensation in the universe of finance and technology. It is more beneficial for Startups to bring their business to the next level. Strategies to managing ICOs differ in several countries. ICO offers a major impact on fund-raising processes in modern years.

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